Web Design

We have expanded our range of services to include High Quality Full-Featured Predesigned web sites.

These site connect to your Company and Agent Profile*  which contains your information. This will allow you to make changes to your About Us and Contact Us pages without the need to wait for a programmer to do it. *note: your profiles must be on a supported BBMS system.

The following sites are in our current inventory and can be active in less that 1 week.  Just click the image of each sample to see the details and options.

The images are a general representation of the site look for color and layout. and are not an exact copy of the actual site. Some of the picture within the sites will be mixed and interchanged to increase the verity of looks.

By using the Pre-Designed styles It is our intent to give your site a custom look without the expense of Custom Design. Each of the Pre-Designed styles can also be a base for a Custom Design

Web Design Choices

ATGroup offers you several choices for having a website for your business:

  1. Pre-Designed Websites
  2. Custom Designed Websites

Pre-Designed Websites

Below are some samples of Pre-Designed Websites to Choose From:

  1. Dynamic Stretch Designs with full option
  2. Static Fixed Designs with full option
  3. Static Template Sites with limited options

Dynamic Stretch Designs   $499.00 - $799.00

These are full featured and shrink and grow dynamically with the size of the visitor's browser.


Static Fixed Designs   $199.00 - $499.00

These are full featured but do not shrink and grow dynamically with the size of the visitor's browser.


Static Fixed Designs - Limited   $25.00 - $75.00

These are limited featured sites and do not shrink and grow dynamically with the size of the visitor's browser.


Custom Designed Websites

Custom websites are the best overall. They allow for a very Professional look, message, and services not available in the template type site.   The site is created by one of our professionals.  You have the input without being a programmer. 



For all your internet needs, we can help...   Contact us for more information.